“Deafboys” is the name of the German national team of deaf handball players. The team of the Freinsheim-based national coach Alex Zimpelmann has qualified for the World Championships in Brazil with a fourth place at the “Deaflympics,” the Paralympic Games for the deaf, and third place at the European Championships. However, the pure amateur athletes, who receive only little state support, lack the money for the trip. We cover this fully at Deaf World Cup 2016.

The benefit match against the “Pälzer Auslese” under the patronage of Henning Fritz, the handball world champion of 2007, in the Schifferstadter Wilfried-Dietrich-Halle will cover part of the costs for the trip to the World Cup. The handball family from Palatinate holds together for this purpose. Already the line-up of the “Pfälzer Auslese” promises the best entertainment. Among others, Franz Lenz (TV Hochdorf), Patrick Horlacher (VTV Mundenheim) and Martin Buschsieper (TSG Friesenheim) have confirmed their participation. In general, the coaches Thorsten Koch (HSG Eckbachtal) and Stefan Zimpelmann (STV Willisau/Switzerland) have a well-known group of current and former active players at their disposal, especially since patron Henning Fritz is also in the hall and may become an election Palatine.

Bundesliga clubs support the campaign

Numerous handball Bundesliga clubs support the campaign and have provided the organizers Heike Wiesner and Marcus Zemin with initially signed jerseys as well as the “bad boys” of the national handball team. All jerseys will be raffled after the match in the foyer of the hall.

Owls set up the information stand

Here the Bundesliga handball players of the Eulen Ludwigshafen are represented with the information stand as well as the German deaf people’s association. By the play, the Deaf boys hope themselves nevertheless still the conversion of their sporty dream.

The Wilfried Dietrich hall opened starting from 16.30 o’clock; the play begins at 17,30 o’clock, the entrance price at the box office amounts to 8 euro. Of course, donations are also welcome. All this is to help to fulfil these admirable sportsmen a dream. Brazil is waiting, Schifferstadt is calling!


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