Sports can be an enjoyable means of exercise. If you love even one sport, you can easily have your workout playing it. Almost all sports require a certain amount of fitness to play.

Some sports are better than most when it comes to getting ripped. Sports that we don’t think of as often tend to be the best for getting ultra-ripped. Let’s look into a few of those now!


Wrestling is an obvious choice for getting ripped. It’s hard to wrestle without using most of your muscles to win the match. The more you wrestle, the stronger your muscles become.

Wrestling requires a certain level of commitment. You’ll learn endurance as well as strength. When you come against a better wrestler, you’ll be thrown to the ground more than once. However, even losing a wrestling match has its benefits. You’ll gain strength fighting off your opponent just as much as when you defeat them.


Boxing involves upper body strength and agility. Obviously, a certain level of lower body strength is needed as well so your whole body will be affected by this sport.

When swinging at your opponent, you use your body along with your arm to perform the best you can. Boxing for even thirty minutes is a better workout than what most body builders do for a full hour.

Something to take note of is that purely exercising with boxing will leave you somewhat disproportionate. Many boxers have ridiculously ripped arm and chest muscles. While their legs are strong and fit, they still look small in comparison to the upper body. If you don’t like the sound of that, simply perform heavyweight exercises for your legs in your spare time.


On the subject of lifting weights, we’re you aware that doing so is also considered a sport? Weightlifters compete with each other on how much they can lift with nothing but their own body strength.

Typically, you will have to pick up a metal pole with equal amounts of weight on either side of it. It will require every muscle in your body to do this without injuring yourself. After picking it up, you hold it over your head for a certain length of time before you’re allowed to put it down.

The winner of this sport is the last person standing with the heaviest weight. Sometimes multiple people win as they lift an identical amount of weight. Length of time holding the weight is also a factor considered for winning.

I don’t think I need to explain how this sport helps you get ripped. In fact, weightlifting is one of the best means of doing so. I highly doubt you’ve ever met a successful heavyweight athlete that wasn’t incredibly ripped!


You may be surprised by this, but gymnastics is the only sport considered better than weightlifting when it comes to getting ripped. A gymnast goes through considerable training to be successful.

Gymnastics is considered by some to be a woman’s sport, partially because it requires flexibility as much as strength. However, anyone who thinks gymnastics is too girly for men should try wrestling with a gymnast and see how quickly they get pinned down!

A gymnast is required to hold their entire bodyweight with nothing but their arms quite often. The positions and movements needed to pull off a gymnastics formation require more strength than lifting weights, mainly because you need the endurance to hold the stance for longer.

So, if you truly want to get ripped using sports, I’d recommend taking up any of these!


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