Football, also known as soccer, is followed by more than four billion people around the world. You’d be hard-pressed to find a household that contained not a single person who enjoys football in one way or another.

Three people stick out from the crowd when it comes to famous football players. These men have achieved extraordinary feats in recent years and are currently renowned by the majority of football fans. Billions of people around the world are in love with these guys.

In this article, I’ll name the top three most famous football players and give you an overview of why that is. If you’re interested in learning who these men are, or you simply want to see if you can guess who they are as you likely already know them, then read on!

#3 Harry Kane

Harry Kane is an Englishmen who is currently known as the best EPL striker. At 24 years of age, this man is already a superstar as far as half the world is concerned.

In 2017, he surpassed even Ronaldo and Messi by scoring more hattricks and overtook them both in the Golden Boot race. He won two seasons in a row and is at the top of the EPL scoring charts.

The master football player achieved a total of 32 goals within 33 appearances, meaning he scores a goal for his team almost every single game.

At present, Harry’s team hasn’t won any trophies, not for lack of trying. Tottenham should be wary as many a team will jump at the chance to snap Harry up. If all goes his way, Harry may even become the most expensive football player; even more than Neymar if we’re honest!

#2 Neymar

Speaking of Neymar, he comes in just atop of Harry as the second most famous football player to date. Neymar is currently with Paris Saint Germain leaving defenders of all nations exhausted from his fierce assaults.

Messi overshadowed Neymar for some time but no longer. Neymar is known for scoring 27 goals and assisting in 14 others during the Les Parisiens competitions. Of all players in these competitions, none even came close to Neymar’s stats.

Neymar would’ve been the best of the best by miles in any other time. However, today is the day of Messi, so you can guess who #1 is, can’t you?

#1 Lionel Messi

Lionel Messi has been on top for many years. The man is already in his thirties, but it doesn’t seem to be slowing him down at all. A fire burns in his eyes that lets you know he plans to be football king for another decade if he can help it!

Barcelona has benefitted from this madman for his entire reign and will continue to bring home victories as long as Messi stays sharp. (Which seems like it will be a long time)

The man excels as a shooter and playmaker. Wherever Messi gets placed, victory ensues. That is why this man is the king. Not only can he score a goal with ease but he’s a team player who’s capable of acknowledging the strengths of his team to ensure victory.

Did you guess the top three most famous football players? Leave a comment below and tell us how many you got right!


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